Museum of the Uncanny

On the edge of town, down a quiet road, is a museum.  You park your car and grab your ticket, which you received mysteriously in the post several days ago, inviting you to the Grand Opening.

As you ascend the stone front steps, a chill runs down your spine.  Maybe it’s the austere architecture, the way dark shadows seem to move in the dimly lit windows, or the prickling sensation that you are being watched from inside the museum as you approach.

There is no queue.  Someone takes your ticket and gestures, wordlessly, that you should enter, and against your better judgment, you do.

Welcome to the Museum of the Uncanny, a place full of unusual items and the stories behind them.  Haunted dolls, cursed paintings, magic relics, vorpal swords, infinity gems, hope diamonds…  The museum brochure promises all of these, and more.

What objects are on display within the walls of this strange place?

We invite you to tell us.

Museum of the Uncanny is a comics anthology collecting the tales and legends of the intriguing items in its galleries.  It is a book of speculative history at its finest and we are challenging creators to imagine and bring to life the strange history behind each of the objects on display.

Each story will be about an item in the Museum of the Uncanny’s permanent collection.  Tell us about this weird and wondrous object: its mysterious origins, what it was used for, the people it came in contact with.  What can an item say about us as a species, or our communities around the world and over the centuries?  Or, what odd otherworldly circumstances resulted in a worthless object gaining importance or notoriety?

Bring us tales that will frighten, inspire, fill us with wonder or make us laugh, and help us build the museum’s collection.

Call for Submissions

We’re looking for comics creators of all kinds: writers, line artists, colourists and letters.  Each comic will be produced by a full creative team, with us as your editors.


Writers, please send in a brief description of your gallery item and a complete, original 8-page script depicting the story behind it.  Your story should be about why the object is so uncanny to be on display at the Museum of the Uncanny, not how it arrived at the museum, not set at the museum and not about the museum itself.


Artists, please provide samples of your work via a link to your online portfolio (either your own website, ArtStation, DeviantArt, Instagram, or even just a Dropbox or Google Drive folder). Please include sequential work, and if any pieces in your portfolio are collaborative, please indicate which aspects of them were done by you.

If you are applying to fill more than one role (writer and artist, colours and letters, etc.), or if you would like to work with specific collaborators, please say so in your submission email.

Our goal is to crowdfund this project; if we’re successful, contributors will receive a modest page rate for their hard work, as well as a comp copy of the finished book.  The team at Very Big Comics has successfully crowdfunded five books and is continuing to grow our catalogue.  The co-owner of Very Big Comics, editor of this anthology, and curator of the Museum, Jamieson Alcorn, published Pub Crawl Anthology and The White Ravens, then co-edited and co-published Fairytales from Mars with VBC co-owner Kristi McDowell.

Please send your submission to by Friday, 14th June 2024 11:59:59PM ET.

Time Remaining to Submit

  • 00Days
  • 00Hours
  • 00Minutes
  • 00Seconds

Museum of the Uncanny will be published by Very Big Comics.  Very Big Comics is committed to giving underrepresented voices a platform in our anthologies.  No form of discrimination in content or interactions with other creators, editors and members of the VBC/MotU team will be tolerated.  We do not accept submissions containing or created using artificial intelligence (AI) generation, or creators planning to use AI at any stage of production.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please only submit one story.  If you have many ideas, we want to see your favourite!

The story must be your original work, so do be aware of copyright.  Of course, anything in the public domain is fair game.  Make sure to focus in your story on why this item is uncanny.

We’re aiming for PG-13.

We expect to let applicants know within weeks of submissions closing, and will take some time to sort out contracts with the creative teams. We’re aiming for this book’s Kickstarter campaign to run this fall, with production of the comics wrapping up by the end of the year.

Yes, according to the Museum’s Curator. 🙂

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