Gamer Girl & Vixen

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Two super-villains meet cute on the rooftops of New York and use their powers to rob celebrities! Join co-writers Kristi McDowell and Sean Ian Mills, and a collection of up-and-coming artists, as they tell tales of Gamer Girl and Vixen, the hottest new LGBTQ+ super-villains in comics! When our two costumed crooks cross paths, the attraction is immediate and they decide to team up to be gay and do crimes! But robbing homes and falling in love always come with consequences. Explore a new and exciting costumed hero universe in the pages of Gamer Girl & Vixen!

Case in point: the delightful new series Gamer Girl & Vixen, which tells the story of two lesbian supervillains in a tone that’s more Archie than Dark Knight. Instead of being a super-serious “issue comic” which pauses the story to impart lessons about tolerance and diversity, GG&V weaves the characters’ backstories and identities into a lighthearted, flirty romp through a fun superhero world.

Creative Team

Gamer Girl & Vixen vol. 2: Tyrant Lizard Queen
  • Kristi McDowell and Sean Ian Mills, writers
  • Andrea Rosales, art
  • Andrea Rosales and Daniel Carvalho, colors
  • Taylor Esposito, letters
Gamer Girl & Vixen vol. 1: Flirty Money
  • Kristi McDowell and Sean Ian Mills, writers
  • Gemma Moody, art 
  • Taylor Esposito, letters
Digital Shorts
  • Jo Christian, Luke Beatrice and Jesse Lundberg
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