Fairytales from Mars


In this all-ages collection of speculative mythology comics from the first generation of Martian settlers, diverse creators from around the world imagine the Fairytales from Mars we would tell our children on the Red Planet.

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The young Martian child looks up at their parent from bed, all tucked in from a morning of classes and an afternoon of helping out on the family hydroponic farm. Blinking sleepily, they clutch their stuffed toy and request, yawning, “Tell me a story.”

Fairytales from Mars is a collection of fifteen short stories, bringing together talent from around the world as they they dream up the stories that the first settlers of Mars would tell their children.

Included in this book are the following short comics:

  • “Once Upon a Time (on Mars)” by Kristi McDowell, Jamieson Alcorn, Cole Vernon, Carlos Cara Alvarez and Jerome Gagnon
  • “Adam” by Vitalii Kalchenko
  • “Don’t Go Below” by Ari Gross and Reda Kahloula
  • “Keeper of the Green” by Ria and Catherine Dubois
  • “Where You Wander” by L.M. Beuthe and Hannah E. Smith
  • “Blaine-o’-the-Brimstone” by Behm MacRae, Steve Mardo, Rafael Badalyn and J. Valerin
  • “Ash’s Infinite Fears” by Nicholas Poonamallee, Kenneth Laster and J. Valerin
  • “The Fisherman and the Miner” by Alyssa Meier
  • “Daughter of Phobos” by Leland Bjerg and Kamilla Sims
  • “The Earthling” by Jeremiah Espinoza, Min Lee and J. Valerin
  • “Ashoki and the Red Wolf” by Shane Savanapridi
  • “It Came from the Dust” by Matt Harding, Elisabeth Mkheidze, Rafael Badalyn and J. Valerin
  • “Percy and the Dragon” by Cheryl-Jean Leo and Sierra Barnes
  • “The Eye of the Storm” by Andrii Ostapenko and Jesse Lundberg
  • “The Strength of Water” by Amber Raden and Elisabeth Mkheidze
  • “The Dust Dervish” by Archita Mittra and Jacob Dudek

Fairytales from Mars was successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2022.

Editors: Jamieson Alcorn and Kristi McDowell

Book Design: Jamieson Alcorn

Cover Illustration: Carlos Cara Alvarez

Variant Cover: Sierra Barnes

Page count: 167

Size: Standard trade paperback graphic novel

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