Gamer Girl & Vixen Volume 2 Coming Soon

As we step into the new year, we’re thrilled to share a sneak peek into the exciting world of comics with our upcoming releases in 2024. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be revealing the titles coming to Very Big Comics, starting with the second volume of a duo you already know and love…

Gamer Girl & Vixen Volume 2: Celebrity Heists and Dangerous Alliances

Brace yourselves for the highly anticipated continuation of the thrilling saga with “Gamer Girl & Vixen Volume 2.” Get ready for more heists, more drama, and more heart-pounding action as Liz Jaczynski and Bianca Crowley dive headfirst into a world of celebrity robberies, social media stardom, and dangerous alliances.

Following the success of their big celebrity heist at the end of Volume 1, Gamer Girl & Vixen have become social media sensations. But fame comes at a cost, and in Volume 2, our dynamic duo faces the attention of legitimate, dangerous super-villains. Enter Tyrannosaurus Regina, the Beyoncé of Crime, who recruits them to join her villain team, Jurassix. Brace yourselves as the heists escalate, becoming more dangerous and wild with each passing chapter.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks and watch this blog for our next few titles!

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