Gamer Girl & Vixen vol. 2 Now on Kickstarter!

We are so excited to announce that Gamer Girl & Vixen vol. 2: Tyrant Lizard Queen is now on Kickstarter! You only have 30 days to secure your copy, so what are you waiting for?

About Gamer Girl & Vixen vol. 2: Tyrant Lizard Queen

When Gamer Girl and Vixen start to gain notoriety in the costumed super-crime community, Tyrannosaurus Regina (the Beyoncé of Crime) asks them to join her crew, in this thrilling new comic featuring new characters and exciting action along with the growing relationship between Liz and Bianca.

Special Rewards for Kickstarter Backers

We have a number of different tiers including a range of cool rewards: exclusive art, fun Valentine’s cards, and a deep discount on the back catalogue of Very Big Comics including the first Gamer Girl & Vixen book (vol. 1: Flirty Money) if you want to catch up.

Like our previous successful Kickstarter campaigns, we are once again offering a special library tier to support a local library of your choice with a donation of this book (and one for you to keep, of course!).

The campaign also offers the very special opportunity to be included in the pages of Gamer Girl & Vixen vol. 2 as a character, so don’t miss the chance to grab one of those rewards before they run out!

Support the Kickstarter here!

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